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Saying Goodbye

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remember, the site will stay up forever, and so will the chat. In fact, we're planning on staying AFTER this post, also! Hippie Hobo Clowns, a site by Checkers and Laura will be coming back, and so will CP Spiffy Adventures, a site by Andy the Lego and Tim will be. A new generation is coming. Enjoy :)
  • The speech of Matbolabc, CPSkool's co-host and co-owner since CP High, the 2nd season
All I can say is..... wow.
Wow, I can't believe how far we have come... I want to truly thank every single person reading this post, because you are the people who made us what we are today, thank you. I never imagined I would be a part of something so huge. CPSkool is without a doubt a memory I will NEVER forget. You guys are such amazing people, and you are all my angels.
Before CPSkool I felt lonely in my life. I thought I was just another random person or face in the crowd. When I joined CPSkool it was all that I thought about at night when I went to sleep. When I won its first season it was almost too much for me to comprehend. I have never felt so proud of myself or accomplished in my life. I truly think that CPSkool's purpose is to make people feel welcome, make them feel special, and to give them the most important thing you can have.... hope. I know that in the past we have had so much drama, from all kinds of sources.
But we are still here, and I believe all of that drama has made us stronger, because I for one, can see the growth in myself. I am proud to be what I am because of CPSkool. I have never been as popular as I am here, and I thank you all dearly for that. Those who say that all of this is fake, could not be more wrong. We are all real people, real kids or teenagers, that want to be something big in our lives. After I won CPSkool I now know that I can do anything I set my mind to.... thank you for everything CPSkoolers! I truly love you all, CPSkool is the closest family I have ever known.
  • The speech of Penguin874, CPSkool's founder and host
You don't know what you've got until it's gone. That saying is nothing to CPSkool.
Kids on the internet playing around on a website where there are challenges every week and someone gets eliminated. Simple thought, complex reality.
During my time as a "teacher", I noticed one thing: the mind. When I grow up, I'm planning on doing something involving the mind. As we talk to each other, and do things on CP and the site together, I've noticed instead of how we are in real life, may we be quiet or shy, or loud or angry, our true selves came out only through us talking through our heads. The things we type, they are all thoughts, and some may be things you say. I'm not reading all of this out loud right now, it's what I truly think. But the mind gets too far, and this has been the case with people like Fire and Slash. Sometimes, CPSkool isn't a waste zone for speaking your mind, because you still maintain your reputation, because it's real people with real ideas and real goals you're speaking to, not robots programmed by some guy.
Through the mind, thousands upon millions of kids found out about Club Penguin, where some of them found out about a blog, where some of them decided to make a blog, or follow it. The creators led, and the non-creators follow. Through this evolution, memories have been created, and kids have grown from someone who was immature to someone who is ready to grow as a person.
I used to be all fun and games before CPSkool, full of wonder and astonishment over a new state. I was new, and I was afraid no one would like me for awhile, but I knew I loved making new friends...and it worked. And now, I've met pretty much over eighty new friends on CP, and unlike the typical "pedophile stereotype", none of them have been a rapist, or a pedophile, or an adult trying to stalk kids. Except maybe Swimy, but he's cool in my book.
Okay, I guess I'll get straight to my point. CPSkool is something that seemed like it was equal compared to every other site at the time by new bloggers.
But it wasn't. It was destined for more. And for reaching that destiny, thank you CPSkool. Even one day if I grow older and have kids of my own and I'm way too busy for anything, I will never forget what CPSkool has taught me. The mind, no matter what age, has the ability to do great things. An 11 year old can start a site that reaches international marks. If someone that young can do something so bold, then you can achieve anything.
As I said in the video...Remember the past, and strive for the future.
-The CPSkool Founder and his co-host
Friends Forever

Credit to Matbolabc and Penguin874 for the awesome new template!

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